Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Worth a Thousand Words

OK first of all I'm giving a shoutout to Nicole at It's All About Writing because, crud! She scooped me. There I was, going through my blog reader with a post about images growing in my head, and there was her post about images.

(I shouldn't have gone through my blog reader this morning. Let's not even GO to the moment when I read Jeannette's post about Neuhaus chocolate eggs. Let's just not go there.)

Anyhow, what I WANTED to write about this morning was my growing obsession with images. Felsted came into my office Sunday evening and caught me searching the Internet for images of Ophelia. He left trailing one of those long "Ohhhhhh-Kay" mutters which can be translated as "better put the funny farm on standby".

I like images. As a young woman I collected postcards of artworks from museums (musea?) and art galleries, and spent many a happy hour (not Happy Hour, I was generally sober) looking through them. As a kid I would cut out images of the models from old catalogs and play with them for hours at a stretch, making up stories about their lives and adventures.

But now I have the internet. And Evernote. And I make mood boards. I pull together images that have something in common (could be colors or theme) and make them into letter-sized PDFs or JPGs (just about any image processing or page layout program will do for this) to throw into Scrivener so that I can easily stare at them during moments of non-inspiration. When my budget improves I'm going to get some of the best ones printed out on photo paper and make a gallery.

Most of the images I use are not mine so I'm a bit leery about putting my mood boards online. The picture at the top of this post IS mine, however. Statues are one of my obsessions and for some reason fountain statuary is a very special draw. I think this one's from Hever Castle in Kent (England is my absolutely 100 percent favorite place for photo taking). If you like it, feel free to steal it.

In my professional writing I also often do design mockups in the hope that the client will pass the idea on to a REAL designer. I've done a bit of graphic design, but just enough to know that this may not be the right career option for me. But sometimes few words, lots of visual is what's needed for a particular project (and that's when you make sure you're not paid by the word).

If you start getting all excited about collecting images after reading this post, let me suggest Wikipedia for nice sharp images of artwork and National Geographic for a generous cornucopia of seriously gorgeous photography. Aren't I nice, giving you yet another way to waste your time get inspired?